Motion Graphics Text Animation

Simple but Powerful

Are you looking for a powerful and simple introduction, presentation or video for on your website, or in the App-stores? A Motion Graphics Text Animation is a budget-friendly solution with maximum result. Choose the right fonts and the right style to create the perfect match with your corporate style.

  • Powerful in it’s simplicity
  • Budget-friendly
  • Strong combination of text, speech and animation

Infographic style

Complex data, simply displayed

Infographic style videos are the perfect solution to visualize complex data and information. Do you have a complex Research Report which you want to present in a creative and understandable way? Then, an Infographic style Explainer Video is the right choice for you!

  • Ideal for visualizing complex data
  • Easily¬†present Results of studies
  • Professional presentations

Cartoon style

Business concepts explained in a creative manner

Do you have an online business where you sell services or products? Or did you recently launched a fantastic mobile App? Explain your target audience in a creative manner what the value of your product or service is and why they should start using your service or buying your product.

  • Ideal for online services
  • Your value proposition creatively explained
  • Complicated concepts, easily explained

Whiteboard style

Hand drawn Whiteboard Animations

Just like our Cartoon style Animations, our Whiteboard style Animations are perfect for explaining business concepts. Do you believe in the principle ‘less is more’ and are you on a tight budget? Then, a Whiteboard style video is the ideal choice for you.

  • Ideal for online products and services
  • Simple, powerful, and to the point
  • Unique and hand-drawn

Typography style

Creative and artistic Text Animations

Do you want to stick to the core, but still keep a creative angle? Combine a clear Text Animation with the most advanced effects. A beautiful result and very goal oriented for spreading your message.

  • Ideal for promotion videos and business concepts
  • To the point
  • Professional look and feel

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